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Eldorado Hills Redesign

The unique part of each design project comes from the clients themselves.  Every person has there own design aesthetic, needs, and visions for the upcoming project.  We get the pleasure of meeting each individual and becoming not only their designer, but their friend and cohort.  It is this friendship that allows us to learn about them and bring in a piece of their personalities with the design. 

In this project the client had already purchased several pieces of furniture and was having trouble figuring out how to make it all come together.  The room was turning out much darker, colder, and less inviting than she had envisioned. This is were emFORM was called in to help; removing some clutter, adding a little warmth with color, strategic furniture placement to maximize the rooms appeal, as well as adding some small modern touches in a contemporary room. 

Follow us to see a nice room transform into a beautiful focal point that the client and her house guests will rave about.

A before shot with the furniture traditionally placed.  This arrangement gave the room a feeling of seclusion, which was the opposite of what the client wanted.

The previous area rug was far to gray and cold and those dark tones in the busy pattern took away from the furniture.  Here emFORM has brought in a few rug samples that will help to warm up the room and accentuate the furniture.

The entry way to the living room felt cluttered and the bar felt like it was squished into the corner.  With a hand made imported bar such as this, we wanted to make it more usable.

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