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Getting a Feel for the Design

Today we brought some of the design elements down to the Casita to check the colors, do some final measurements, and see how the custom furniture that we selected would be transforming this blank space once the construction is complete.  From the couch to the front door table, each piece was selected to bring in its own element as well as contribute to the over all design. This project was done mainly through many shopping trips in California as well as an immense amount of photos sent through emails, text, and communication via phone calls. This being only the second of two trips to the actual job site. It truly is amazing what can be accomplished when the owner and designer can come together and bring forth such a wonderful vision.

The Casita is built on land that has much history for the owner's and their family. Many ties will be made in the design with both the history of the property (a former cattle ranch) and the history of the area (Native American Arts and Culture).

In the first of these images Mat is getting his hands dirty...he is refinishing several pieces of what used to be the Casita's kitchen cabinets. The cabinets have beautiful hand carved designs, done by the Aunt who loved this little house most. We wanted to keep this wonderful historic art element, but the custom cabinet maker could not incorporate it in with the new kitchen cabinets. The idea later popped up that these designs could be refinished and sealed to use for rustic outdoor wall art on the patio. 

A tour around the house shows the granite complete, and a few of our design touches coming together including the colors of the chosen fabric for the pillows.  The final images of the views are taken from the vantage point of the soaking tub. Can you imagine staying at Sun Cliff Resort and sipping champagne while in an outdoor bath watching the sunset? Oh yes!! so can we!

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