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Midnight Design Project

Working hard on the project was the understatement of the week. Most days we were up early throwing ideas back and forth of what we wanted and needed to get done.  As the end of our trip approached ever so quickly so did the pace at which we worked.

During our last night on the project, we wanted to get as much of the interior set as we could.  Due to some construction delays and waiting for some key items to arrive, we had a few limitations.  But with The Casita coming together so beautifully, we certainly were not going to let any silly delays stand in the way of a somewhat impromptu late night photo shoot! :) So we brought in some of the art, furniture, fabrics, and dishes along with some fresh flowers to really set it off. 

These photos were shot at around midnight and show some of the wonderful lighting elements (there are more to come) as well as the fantastic ambiance that would surround you on a warm night in Sedona. This is going to be quite the place to stay! 


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