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Sunrise at Sun Cliff Resort

On our last day in beautiful Sedona, we woke up bright and early watched a beautiful sunrise and then headed down to Sun Cliff for a quick photo shoot before rushing off to catch a plane home in Phoenix.

On this morning we were greeted with a little bit of clouds creating nice lighting and a dramatic view. From the front door to the new bronze and copper switch plates in the kitchen, this place is really turning into the luxury retreat it was designed to be. Imagine waking up to breakfast in bed, enjoying your coffee while drinking in the magical views of Sedona's famous red rocks.

Stay tuned, as there will be more updates to come... there are many more special and unique design pieces we have yet to share with you. Each one is being hand crafted to bring you every amenity you want and even some that you haven't thought of yet.  So keep dreaming of when you can book your chance to stay in Sedona's most unique luxury resort! 

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