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Sun Cliff Resort Concept

Sun Cliff Resort in Sedona, AZ has been an amazing experience since I was brought onto the project earlier this year. With minimal traveling, which only included a one week trip in March and maybe two shopping trips in Sacramento, countless emails, phone calls and texts between myself and owners Kate and Tom Joy, it has been definitely something that has had a lot of hard work and dedication poured into it.  The concept was to keep the integrity and elements that Aunt Sally(original owner/designer/builder) used, and that she had loved so much. A well known architect from Sedona, many contractors and subcontractors and an interior designer(myself) were brought in  to design and build the new Casita.  A main concept in the interior design was the use of neutral colors through out the whole design, but also use pop of colors in decorative accessories inspired from the breath taking views of Red Rock State Park with an exquisite view being Cathedral Rock . We wanted the Casita to have an upscale and luxurious vibe, but we also wanted to keep some of Aunt Sally's whimsy character through out Casita, the use of true Navajo rugs, her original hand carved mahogany doors,  built in shelves and desks, certainly help keep her spirit alive.  Check back for updates through out this next week, as we will be blogging from Sun Cliff as we do the final install. Here's a sneak peak of some of the fabrics and materials we used! We can not wait to share more with you! 

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