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Arizona Design Trip Day 1

Waking up at 2am is a feat unto itself, driving for two hours and catching a 5:30am flight...with a person who is afraid of heights...well lets just say an in flight cocktail is on the agenda! As this was my first flight on a commercial airliner, I was very excited. As we boarded the flight Eddie gladly let me slide over to the window seat, where I proceeded to point out every small detail as we left the ground and begin ascending. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was not shared.  "Hey Eddie, Look at this" and "Hey Eddie, wow its SF at sunrise!" turned into "Oh, um are you ok?" as he is completely white faced and gripping the armrests.

A Smooth flight and we left Phoenix on the road to Gilbert for breakfast and then Scottsdale for our long list of shopping needs and last visits to the furniture, granite, and tile stores to confirm delivery and installation.

The food and service in Gilbert was some of the best we have had.  From a breakfast sandwich with a pretzel bun and Caprese Eggs Benedict with pesto tossed heirloom tomatoes to the famous Barrio Queen's Taco Tuesday...we were impressed.

The photographic opportunities so far on this trip have been immense and wonderful.  We should arrive in Sedona about 1am, making for an almost 24hr. first day! A big thank you to our host's Kate and her son Taylor for doing all of the driving and showing us around to all the hot spots! :)



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