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Tower Bridge, Old Town Sacramento

This is one of those bucket list images of the Tower Bridge in Sacramento. Even though this may be one of the most photographed icons in the river city, I had not yet been able to capture its glorious beauty. When I saw the small patch of curb in the center of the road, amidst the crazy rush hour traffic, I knew where I wanted to set up my tripod! I thought ya, no big deal, that's perfect. The light turned red and I rushed to the center point, quickly setting up the tripod behind a small road sign signaling drivers to veer right. Hoping my settings were correct, I took four long exposure images, each one approx. 16 seconds long. As the wind from the quickly moving cars, trucks, and buses hit me I began to realize that standing on this small curb was indeed a little dangerous. Making quick eye contact with each driver before they veered right, feeling the ground shake slightly as the larger trucks passed, my heart beating ever faster...time seemed to slow. I hoped to get the shot, and really hoped everyone kept to their lane! The shutter clicked closed on the final image, the signal stopped the traffic and I quickly exited my perch with a feeling of relief and accomplishment. It took me several minutes of giddy excitement to calm myself, describing the feeling of being out there and checking the images in somewhat disbelief. Woo, I got it!


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