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Connor's Graduate Photos

While preparing for a photo shoot with a recent graduate who wanted several classic looks as well as some unique and more urban images to show his personality, I had the opportunity to explore some creative lighting options. 

After discussing different locations we decided upon two areas due to their obvious urban feel. With great leading lines, diffused light from being in the shadow of the surrounding mountains, and the gritty graffiti, this ended up being a perfect place. 

One of the challenges of photography (also it's biggest reward when accomplished) is to truly capture the essence of your subject. In these images I think we accomplished just that! Connor has an amazing personality and the looks to go with it. From editorial style environmental portraits, to classic head shot, to urban rock, we shot well into the night to create these unique images.

Big thanks to Connor and Kathy Freeman for choosing emFORM for your photographic needs!

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