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Below the Vista

There are times when I wonder if these amazing places will grow old the more I visit them. As if I will one day think, eh I don't need to go there. Sort of a been there and done that feeling. But each time I arrive the excitement builds; the heights, the open space, the colors, the tones. The weather, my mood, my level of insightful experience, are ever changing. As a kid I can remember simply wanting to stand near the edge of the vista, imagining how it feels to fly while the fear of falling kept me clinging to the guard rails. More recently I seek to stand in different locations, attempt to find different viewpoints, carefully watch the changes in light and shadow.  This passion I have found in photography has allowed me to capture these moments, to share and accentuate the pieces of a place that I find unique and beautiful. And in some way, on each trip I am sharing a unique piece of myself, my moods, my feelings, my historic vantage(if you will). As time passes, and with each visit, I hope the wonder and awe continue to intrigue and inspire without any interruption from the logical part of my mind. The part that told me to stay home and save the gas money. 

Five vertical images combined to make a panorama.

ISO100 - F9 - 1/80sec - 18mm

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