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Night falls on Sonora Pass

In the first few days of June 2016, this was the scene on Sonora Pass in California. We were driving through on a photography expedition and decided that it would be clear enough to stay to shoot some astrophotography. This night did not disappoint! This year the pass is still closed and the photos I have seen of the efforts to clear the road, show this area to be covered in over 20ft snow drifts. What a difference a year of heavy snow can make. I can't wait until the pass opens and I can get up there and stay late into the night, or early into the morning.

All types of photography excites me; capturing portraits from Sonora to Sacramento California, documenting your next special event, hiking out to beautiful locations to capture the best landscapes. I bring a passion for unique images to each photographic discipline and love to push my creative boundaries. Prints are available upon request as well as in home planning and design services to help you pick the right size and image for your space. Look for an online print store...coming soon.

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