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Into the Galaxy

Yosemite has a way of making me feel small, from the large redwoods and dense forests to the huge waterfalls and high mountain peaks. I don't feel small in a negative way, but more in a positive insightful way. It makes me feel that all of my worries that have been weighing so heavily on my mind, are just... well... small. When the sun sets and the stars come out to play this feeling is amplified by about a billion. Allowing my imagination to take me away from the intense euphoric feeling of standing on a 2000 ft. cliff and letting it drift into the idea that even this place that moments earlier had made me feel small, is now suddenly tiny, in the grand scheme of things. This gorgeous and arguably large valley below me is but a spec on a planet, that is but a spec in this galaxy, that is but a spec in the universe. Small is probably an understatement here, but no matter how I describe it, no word can truly express this feeling. You simply must come out here, to Yosemite, under a dark night sky, and experience it for yourself. And when you are here, maybe like me, you can leave your body for just a few moments and travel on your imagination into the galaxy!

ISO12800 - F2.8 - 16mm - 15sec-  Nikon D500-Tokina 11-16 2.8 - Vanguard Tripod

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