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Projections of the Milky Way

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There are times when I look up at the milky way above me and allow myself to wonder if what I am seeing is some sort of projection.  Maybe a literal projection like in a movie theater, where if viewed from the right angle, you can see the light bounce off of every speck of dust on the way to the screen. Or maybe just a mindful projection, cast out by the synapses in my brain firing back and forth. You see, the reality of it being billions of stars, is just too huge of a thought to truly comprehend. I don't mean to say that I don't understand the concept, more that even though I do understand, it still blows my mind. Which is probably why I like thinking about these things, infinite space, leaves room for infinite possibilities.

On this night at Pinecrest Lake in the California mountains, someone brought out the laser pointers while I was capturing a time lapse sequence. At first, I worried the lasers would interfere with the sensor. In this case they lit up the scene exactly how I had imagined it, the milky way projected on the night sky.

ISO6400 - F2.8 - 15sec - 11mm - Nikon D500 - Tokina 11-16 II - Vanguard Tripod


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