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Evening Over 108

The clouds dropped ever lower, blocking the sunset I was hoping for. Through the chilly gusts of a spring storm, I could hear a few lone cars drive by a few hundred feet below me. Feeling peacefully isolated, yet interestingly comforted by being so close to an artery of our busy world. Seeking escape, from the day, from the worries, from any decisions other than the settings in which to capture this moment. I stand here, balancing my thoughts, letting them enter and exit my mind with as little judgement as possible. Realizing that everything flows through, and the only thing that I can attempt to control, is my reaction. Sometimes, when you are seeking a sunset, you end up with something even better. 

This photo was taken at 7:58pm (just after the 7:45pm sunset forecast)

ISO 100 - 50mm - F22 - 20sec

Mat BrownComment