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Storm Clouds Surround Pinecrest Peak

Storm clouds roll in surrounding Pinecrest Peak and the Three Chimneys. Sometimes when there is finally a storm in the forecast (after many long weeks of clear spring like weather) you have to just head to the top of a ridge and see what the clouds are doing. Of course you have to choose carefully, too high up and you will be entrenched in clouds. This is from one of my favorite local spots that seems to be just the right elevation.  With almost 360 degree views, this increases your chance to capture something special. But as we know, just when you have it planned out, nature surprises you! I have probably been here 20 times and each one has been completely different. Although I love exploring new places, this is a great reminder that learning the land and returning there often, is one of the most overlooked ideas in landscape photography. 

Mat BrownComment